About NoChatBot

We create with our Hearts and not our Minds!

On best-pc-games-gameplay (NoChatBot) everything revolves around PC games and indie games. I want to make the indie scene more popular, tell more people about the cool and innovative game ideas and at the same time give indie developers a stage. The genre diversity of action, RPG, puzzle, strategy and simulation makes best-pc-games-gameplay a colorful PC indie gaming blog.

NoChatBot is a channel combination of blog, youtube and an instagram with to main topics:

1) Every Sunday you get new videos about the TOP10 games per genre and new releases for the next month.

2) At least once a month you get great quality gameplay WITHOUT commentary for EARLY ACCESS Games, INDIE Games or the BEST GAME of a popular category.

3) Shoutouts for Indie Studios and Reviews and Gemeplay of upcoming and existing Indie Games for PC

Dive with me into the world of retro games. Find forgotten pearls from days gone by and get to know fascinating classics. You are more into current games? Many indie games pick up nostalgic concepts and mix them with amazing creativity. This results in exciting, sometimes very pixelated new games that fascinate us and that we like to write about. So then, come with me on a journey through past milestones in game history to the basis of today’s PC video games. Take us back to your childhood and youth, let us rediscover the origins of gaming and take a look at the active scene of today’s developers.

INDIE PARTNER REQUESTS: If you are a Indie Gaming Studio write me an email to nochatbot@gmail.com in order to join our community and be presented on these channels.

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