Best COUCH CO-OP | Top 10 Couch CO-OP PC-Games

Best COUCH CO-OP | Top 10 Couch CO-OP PC-Games
There's never been more of a justification to cozy up and pass the time with some couch co-op games. Whether you want to wait out the global pandemic with a bullet hell shooter or a tricky puzzler. In this TOP 10 list of couch CO-OP games you find your next game to play.
With the rise of online gaming, couch co op games are perceived as going the way of the dodo or even a selling point if they allow you play with your friends from the comfort of your couch.

Top 10 Games for 2+ Players and People who like to play ccoperatively on the couch ^^

Guacamelee! 2

Guacamelee was a prime example of a modern action platformer in the style of Castlevania or Metroid at its premiere almost six years ago. Cool level design was combined with accurate controls, precise collision detection and an imaginative comic backdrop.
And Guacamelee 2 also offers more of everything without giving up the old qualities - and then it takes it one step further: Both in the conflicts and the exploration of the area, everything is demanded of you in terms of hand-eye coordination. Sometimes it can be frustrating if you don't manage to use the split-second window of time in the somewhat too trail and error-heavy jump passages before the environment makes a short process. But despite all the harshness, the platform action always remains fair, so that you always take the pad in your hand and try again.
Also and especially when you fight with up to four players for survival in the Mexiverse - which ends in a wonderful chaos and mutual teasing. You can almost forget that the atmosphere created by the colorful design as well as the atmospheric music is slightly dented by the lack of voice output or that the gags don't ignite as they did in the predecessor.
But the mechanical heart of Guacamelee 2 beats strongly and mercilessly. And the hand-drawn and carefully planned action with its deliberately placed enemies, traps or dangers is still more refreshing to me than any randomly generated rogue-like variation.

Portal 2

Portal 2 is the successor of a small puzzle game released in 2007, in which the player has to solve tricky puzzle rooms with the help of portals fired from a hand cannon. Portal was delivered at that time in the Orange Box in the package with Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and should be an experiment of the developers whether this unusual game principle would find friends at all. It found a lot of friends, Portal became a hit and Internet phenomenon, thanks to countless fan pictures, videos and replayed songs.
In Portal 2, the actual game principle does not change much, except that the game is now about eight hours long, tells a real story and is packed from top to bottom with humor, great ideas and a lot of creativity. The main character is still a woman named Chell, who for unknown reasons is locked up like a laboratory rat in a huge underground complex of the company Aperture Science and carries out "important experiments" there at the behest of a female computer voice (Glados). Her escape from the facility is part of both portal parts.
Portal 2 presents a game principle that is unique in the world of computer games. The game has been filled to bursting with so much attention to detail, so much heart-warming humor and so much creativity that we want to get down on our knees in joy and awe. Each section shows how carefully the puzzles were designed, how Valve takes it with perfect, flawless play.
Portal 2 surpasses its predecessor by far, without neglecting its own virtues. Everything you loved in the first part, you will now get back, in bigger, better and funnier. We can only recommend this masterpiece of storytelling and humor to every player who has taken the first part to their heart.


Rarely has a shoot-em-up been so beautiful and tricky: The Moldenhauer brothers have completely animated their playable cartoon Cuphead like their models from the thirties at the light table - frame by frame.
Apart from the lack of hit animations, you can see at every corner how much love has gone into these silly animations, which with their vast amounts of crazy ideas and transformations almost seem like a psychedelic trip. Also the tough and yet mostly fair degree of difficulty has always encouraged me to fight my way a bit further through the colorful morphing madness. In the long run, however, it can be a little tiring to sit in front of the TV at any time, tense and highly concentrated. It's a pity that the developers didn't add more and lighter platform levels to create a better rhythm of tension and relaxation - so that you can take a deep breath and enjoy the graphics. But even in its form as a nice hardcore marathon Cuphead has become a successful arcade shooter.


In this humorous action adventure, you slip into the testosterone-bursting bodies of numerous satirized 1980s heroes like Rambro or B.A. Broracus and shred your way through challenging missions. Each character has a melee attack, a limited special attack and a standard move. Indiana Brones, for example, whips terror out of the skulls of the evildoers with his riding crop, while Brominator heats up enemies with his minigun.
I love the American humor, the satirized bros and the explosive missions. The level of difficulty also creates excitement and keeps me on my toes to this day. Unfortunately the switch is missing a few modes and the online games also need a polish. But all in all you can confidently strike for the price.
To stand up to the numerous bosses with up to four bros is also a lot of fun - unfortunately you are often not only a little longer on the search for players.

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 is also about juggling all kinds of ingredients within a time limit, cooking with them given dishes and serving them to hungry guests by placing the filled plates on a conveyor belt. The whole thing can be played alone or with up to three players, now also in the new online co-op mode.
For me Overcooked is one of the best co-op games of all, which I play from time to time when a buddy is around. Overcooked 2 surpasses its predecessor in every respect. Not only the levels are much more colorful, detailed and full of even more absurd obstacles. The developers have also come up with some tricks for the game mechanics. Throwing ingredients alone makes completely new strategies possible. Taking out meat, slicing it and smashing it directly into the frying pan - that saves time and nerves.
Other gameplay elements such as portals, rotating cooking islands and the changing backdrops add extra spice. Unfortunately, the difficulty level picks up fast and depending on who you play with, this can become a problem. I love the heated atmosphere that is created by the hectic coordination in front of the screen - the online mode is rather a nice bonus.

Wizard of Legends

As a player, Wizard of Legend really does give you a huge amount of choice and endless combinations. A lot of flexibility is offered by the game. The game retains this flexibility in its core gameplay. The randomly generated levels offer a demanding challenge, which increases significantly with every defeat of a council member. A number of different opponents make the whole action in the battle as varied as the generated dungeons.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of gameplay elements that are completely dependent on chance, but the game is still anything but a pure gambling game for me. It challenges the player to use his or her skills to master the challenges ahead. Whether the hand is bad or good, the game is always a challenge and certainly not a leisurely stroll or unfair cheating. Of course, it annoys me at one point or another when disadvantages arise by chance, but these very disadvantages can be compensated with enough skill.

All around I see Wizard of Legend as an extremely challenging game of the Rogue-like genre, which will please fans of the genre, especially the games Binding of Isaac or Dead Cells!

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

In the best case, two players control the spaceship by controlling one spaceman each. One console can operate each figure: the drive, the shield, the extra weapon, one of the four guns mounted all around or the overview map. So far, so easy. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is tricky, however, because the two astronauts will soon have to change stations. Who is going to turn the screen in the right direction while the other one fights the enemies in front, behind and above?
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a declaration of love to a wonderfully fresh playing experience. The indirect steering of the spaceship, its imaginative weapons, the free expansion of the same, the lively synthie beat: from everything emanates an unspent lust, which above all independent games sometimes, seldom but so completely radiate. With great sensitivity, three developers from Toronto have created a game that is both challenging and motivating, familiar and full of ideas. Of course, it would be even better online and without rankings there is no incentive in the long run. On the other hand, the unusual principle feels so good that you soon forget about space and time. And want to do nothing else but free space bunnies and turn the shield so that it flips the mines of a particularly clever opponent right back at him.

Resident Evil 6

Even though the character models and parts of the environment now look better than when they were first released at the end of 2012 and run at a clean 60 frames per second in a 1080p resolution, the game mechanics problems remain fatal. As three and a half years ago, the ingratiation with the call-of-duty faction and the associated departure from classic survival horror is a thorn in the side of fans of classic zombie suspense. Of course, by now you know what to expect from Resident Evil 6, where it disappoints and in what rare moments it does well.
Resident Evil 6 also has its strengths. Besides the already mentioned better moments in the fighting, there are also stylishly staged cutscenes. These drive the amusingly trashy story (you may have already guessed it: it's about a virus!) with equally trashy lyrics and beautiful animations. Just as cool: In the course of the story the paths of the protagonists cross. Not that cool: Even after the fourth campaign there are still huge logic holes in the story.
The highlight, however, is the co-op mode, which allows a second player to join in at any time, both online and offline (via split-screen mode, but unfortunately with a much smaller image section) and to slip into the role of the other campaign character. The fun of playing with a second player is visibly greater than with the AI colleagues. Maybe also because you can get so wonderfully excited with a comrade about the chance Resi 6 has given away again.

A Way Out

A Way Out is a pure co-op title that is best experienced together on the couch! With interesting ideas and thrilling moments the action adventure sets fresh accents, but gets lost in shallow gameplay and story weaknesses.
A Way Out doesn't always succeed: It has some really strong sections, where the splitscreen is cleverly used, where the drama ignites, where my heroes grow on me. And it has sections that feel tough. Some even seem like foreign bodies, like the dull villain or the completely unnecessary shooter part including the wild jungle chase. The unusual finale compensates me a little for this, which despite all predictability provides interesting narrative impulses!
However, throughout the game I missed decisions with noticeable effects - especially here A Way Out wastes so much potential that I can't even imagine how fantastic this game could have been! Unfortunately, it's just a nice co-op experience for all those who prefer to enjoy a story together rather than being playfully challenged. But exactly that can be quite nice.
Clever two-player co-op experiment that entertains for a few hours despite story weaknesses and shallow gameplay.

Don't Starve Together

The typical game hero has no big problem surviving in the wilderness. He does not suffer from hunger, day and night do not make a difference to him and he has finished any predators faster than we can call "species protection". Every now and then he runs out of fragmentation grenades, but otherwise everything is fine.

With Wilson it's different: In Don't Starve the scientist is released in the wilderness by the sinister villain Maxwell, and it's up to us to keep the little guy alive as long as possible. That's it by and large with the story of the action adventure. The game doesn't tell a profound story with many twists and turns, instead it's all about one thing: surviving. We went out into the wild, kept a diary and quickly found out: The constant hunger is only one of many dangers.

The game is still all about surviving in an inhospitable environment. Only this time can the fight for survival be tackled together - but you will also be able to explore the world on your own. The game can be played in local split-screen mode or on private servers.

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