Best PIXEL ART Games | Top10 Pixel-Art PC Games

Best PIXEL ART Games | Top10 Pixel-Art PC Games

Top10 Pixel-Art PC Games 

Are you wondering what pixel art or indie game with odl school grafics you should play? To answer this question you have to watch this compilation of the pixel art games for PC in 2020. Of course games like Celeste or Terraria are in this list of the Top10 Pixel Art PC Games. Top 10 Games for pixel art fans who like old school looking pixel games. 


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SHOVEL KNIGHT - TOP10 Pixel Game #10

Shovel Knight still has a lot of love for the classics of the 8-bit era: developer Yacht Club Games took the tough difficulty level of MegaMan as a model and merged it with the mystical design of oldies like Gargoyle's Quest. Sure: After Steam & Co. were flooded with hundreds of retro-platforms, the pixel design no longer exerts the fascination it did at the start of the kickstarter campaign. In contrast to Ori or Fly'n, there are hardly any imaginative mechanics in the game, especially since the controls feel precise but a bit old-fashioned.

And yet the game stands out because the fiercely attacking monsters have been very cleverly integrated into the already tricky levels. Even the eerily catchy chiptune melodies are hard to get out of your head. The two included expansions build on the well-known levels and are a double-edged sword: I didn't get warm with the bomb-focus of Plague of Shadows, but the fluid movements of the cool Senseman of Specter of Torment are a real enrichment! All in all, Switch buyers get a complete package of the shovel knight. On other platforms, however, most of the content will also be added later.

BROFORCE - TOP10 Pixel Game #9

Broforce is really not for sissies: Only those who look death in the eye and keep their cool in the face of the explosion overkill have a chance to survive. When huge numbers of suicide bombers blow up half the house to pieces and five missiles are flying towards the hero, you have to be very clever to climb the remaining ladders or blow up small secret tunnels into the mountain. Both alone and with up to four bros it is great fun to shoot your way through the chaos - even if it gets tricky at times. Also the completely painless, wonderfully stupid humor and the extra portion of patriotism fuel the fun of destruction. After the long time in early access, I would have expected the game to run much smoother, though. Despite all the updates and bugfixes that have been released in the meantime, I experienced many small bugs, connection problems or even slowdowns, especially in the online game. Nevertheless no bro with a preference for crisp arcade action should be deterred from the just fight for freedom!


It is not only the extremely successful combination of dungeon crawler, two-stick shooter and bullet-light that makes Enter the Gungeon something special. It's not just the amount of content in this little gem - although with nearly 200 weapons, just as many active or passive items, 80 enemy types, and about 20 bosses, it's a lot of content. It's also not just the pixel art art design that scores with lovingly animated and dedicatedly arranged backdrops. These are all almost just little things. More important is the feeling that Dave Crooks and his team at Dodge Roll had a clear idea of what they wanted and only started working on the content when the mechanics were just right.
It's fun to shoot and feels great with pinpoint control and accurate collision detection. The randomly generated sections, in which rooms built by hand and configured with opponents are put together to constantly create new challenges, are also convincing - even if the level of difficulty is quite steep. But in return, you are rewarded with a new discovery every time you make a fresh attempt: here a weapon, there an opponent, behind this wall perhaps a secret. It's a pity, however, that you can't create your own weapon configuration and that the co-op partner is only allowed to intervene in the battle with the cultist. Nevertheless, Enter the Gungeon's simple, but enormously well thought-out concept makes it a time-eater like no other.

KATANA ZERO - TOP10 Pixel Game #7

As demanding as the brief challenges and as varied as the playful possibilities are, many things are repeated here in a short time. The principle of Hotline Miami feels great at the latest when you have emptied a room, but the euphoria is always quickly over. So the actual game remains very manageable despite its imaginative variety. The story, which is cleverly told and beautifully staged, carries it a long way! Because Katana Zero is an extremely cool mystery thriller with surprising and always logically brought about insights. You are constantly questioning what is real or what is happening right now without being overwhelmed by convoluted clues. The fact that even the necessary multiple-choice conversations are playfully exciting parts is only good for the interactive thriller.

STREETS OF ROGUE - TOP10 Pixel Game #6

Streets of Rogue actually combines the fun and long-term motivation of a Binding of Isaac with the humor of the old GTA titles and makes me laugh even after the umpteenth round. The creativity of the rogue-like pearl is as much a source of fun as the countless possibilities to solve the different sections in an individual way. In addition, the chaotic and likeable multiplayer mode provides for a lot of fire and is skillfully rounded off by RPG elements. Don't miss the tons of gadgets, perks, crazy ideas and the great soundtrack!

Escorting crazy comrades-in-arms to the elevator is just as much a part of the rebellious schedule as taking out fraudulent drug dealers or pilfering valuable items. Rewards include level ascents, crazy new characters, gadgets and weapons, and a host of chicken nuggets that serve as ultra-rare currency for all sorts of junk. Those who also know how to use the various perks of the characters can let off steam and, for example, free furry colleagues as an above-average intelligent gorilla to create a mini army or, as an experienced physician, use chloroform to anaesthetize unsuspecting enemies. Sneaking, shooting, hacking, tactics - Streets of Rogue leaves nothing to be desired in terms of game mechanics. And it's funny, too!

CELESTE - TOP10 Pixel Game #5

What seems like a solid indie platformer turns out to be a small masterpiece. Celeste does not have to hide behind the modern genre classics. On the contrary: The way a contemporary story and clever game design are combined here makes it maybe even a bit better.

Celeste is in the tradition of games like Super Meat Boy or FEZ and doesn't have to fear this comparison. The big difference to other hardcore platformers is Celeste's attitude towards those who fail at the game. They are told here that it is absolutely okay to ask for help.

Madeline has set herself the goal of climbing the mountain, and everyone is allowed to do that at their own pace. It is this philosophy that makes Celeste so special. You never fight against the game, but you go on a journey together with it. Those who complete it are rewarded not only with the view from the top of the mountain, but also a playful and narrative masterpiece - no matter how skilled you are with the controller.


Playfully exciting and narrative mysterious: Hyper Light Drifter is a magical adventure in an artistic setting! Game designer and graphic artist Alex Preston uses his drawings to describe the great story of a fascinating world and creates a captivating game flow of combat and exploration, with challenging action at its heart, all about timing and tactics. Small discoveries away from the search for hidden boxes would have added depth to the game, but Preston gives his players the freedom to explore the world at will and freely develop skills and equipment of the drifter. The new area and some new equipment add to the adventure for his Nintendo premiere, while in some battles the right precision is lost if the high frame rate is not always maintained.

DEAD CELLS - TOP10 Pixel Game #3

Dead Cells is not only a beautiful adventure, it's a great game! Thanks to the fast-paced action, the hamster wheel quickly gets going again, even after a death, so that you get a little bit further each time and bit by bit you uncover the story of the mysterious world. As a cautious tactician, you eliminate enemies just as effectively as as a massive close-combat fighter, and in order to obtain particularly good equipment, you take on tricky challenges. At the same time, despite the omnipresent randomness, you have a relatively large influence on your own equipment and of course determine your own character development through permanent expansions. Nevertheless and even if the positive sides outweigh purely numerical ones: At some point, it simply loses its appeal to go through the practically identical sections again and again. After a few minutes, you often start all over again - and this hamster wheel is simply too small to turn at full speed for a long time.

TERRARIA - TOP10 Pixel Game #2

If you don't know Terraria yet, you can imagine it about as well as Minecraft in 2D cross-section. It looks a bit like an ant farm in a zoo, but is much more interactive. We explore the world around us with our character, build houses or dig through the earth in search of rare resources. Like Minecraft, Terraria doesn't have a strict story, unlike Block Giant, it focuses mainly on battles with huge bosses and finding and upgrading rare armor.

In the course of the game we penetrate into the different worlds, the so-called biomes. Each biome has its own creatures and materials from which we can build our houses and weapons. We are then busy making stronger armor and discovering new areas. Biomes such as the Sacred Territory and their items, for example, only appear in hard mode after a particular boss has been defeated. Nevertheless, even a game with such immense content as Terraria has its limits: At some point, every item is found and every weapon is made.

STARDEW VALLEY - TOP10 Pixel Game #1

Loving and very extensive homage to Harvest Moon. You can discover Eric Barone's love for quaint details at virtually every corner - whether it's the cute little animations, the atmospheric implementation of times of day and weather capers, or the countless secrets and activities with which country life can be very individual. Sometimes, however, I would have liked Concerned Ape and publisher Chucklefish to detach themselves a bit more from the original in order to modernize old relics like the simple relationship system, the minimalist story or bland small talk dialogues. Especially as a connoisseur of the role models, one can lose the desire to work in small pieces in view of the slow progress. Most of the time, however, the lavish exploratory possibilities quickly captivated me again, so that I wanted to continue playing after work. Just explore a cave, cut down a few trees, explore the forest, open the petrification, commission a stable...and it's midnight not only in the game world.

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