BEST Streaming Games | TOP10 PC Games to STREAM in 2020

TOP10 PC Games to STREAM in 2020
Are you a streamer or do you wann know what are the most popular top10 streaming games for PC? With thousands of games to stream on Twitch, it can be difficult to narrow down what you should play. This guide will cover 10 good options as well as give you strategies in looking at other games. Here you get a list of the TOP10 BEST Streaming Games in 2020 for PC.

Measured by the number of their followers in February 2020, these streamers are the most popular and well-known in the world. The streamers listed below come exclusively from the USA:
Ninja with 14.69 million followers
Tfue with 7.49 million followers
shroud with 7.04 million followers
TSM_Myth with 5.72 million followers
Riot Games with 4.39 million followers

#10 Valorant - TOP10 Streaming Games with 37 Mio streamed hours (Oct 2020)

Valorant confirms the good impression from the beta. The shooter is crisp and, thanks to the 128-tick servers and good performance even on weaker computers, pleasantly precise, while good UI and design decisions underline the competitive character. The well-balanced agents enhance the CS:GO gaming experience with individual skills, which makes team coordination more important, but does not completely overshadow the shooter. The ranked mode is also convincing right from the start and is more transparent than the competition in terms of ascents and descents. Only the interchangeable cards with their design, which is mainly geared to sporting competition, are a drop of bitterness - although they present themselves more balanced and well thought-out than their CS counterparts. The pricing of the skin packages, on the other hand, is cheeky, but at least all game-relevant content can be unlocked without using real money. In e-sports, Valorant is thus a real competitor to Counter-Strike, especially since Riot Games knows how to stage tournaments on a big stage.

#9 Minecraft - TOP10 Streaming Games with 47 Mio. streamed hours (Oct 2020)

It doesn't exist ONE Minecraft. And it's precisely this diversity that makes the difference: there is no such thing as a Minecraft. There are many, damn many. Every player, every server makes the game the way they want it. By constructing buildings, by custom rules, by using programmable command blocks. Minecraft is no longer a game, it's a subculture - in a sense Second Life in successful. It becomes even more diverse as soon as you discover mods for yourself. In addition to texture and shader packages, which sometimes radically change the look, there are also all kinds of content enhancements with new blocks, creatures and functions. I can only take my hat off to what the community has done with the game in the meantime. It's human nature that there are also negative excesses.

#8 Phasmophobia - TOP10 Streaming Games with 48 Mio. streamed hours (Oct 2020)

In Phasmophobia, we operate with up to three brave friends as ghost hunters. However, this has little to do with the cult film from the 1980s - instead of using a proton emitter, we equip ourselves with all kinds of tools such as flashlights, crucifixes, Ouija boards or oversized salt shakers before every job.

If you want to play Phasmophobia, you have to like multiplayer, because we won't get far here alone. Ideally, we play with three friends, but there is also a player search function that fills our lobby. At the moment it doesn't work very well, which is because we can't password protect our room. That's why we are constantly bursting into sessions of groups that kick us back immediately.

If you're looking for a new co-op game for you and your friends and you're having fun scaring yourself, you should definitely take a look. Especially in the optional VR mode, Kinetic Games offers us probably the most scary co-op game on the market.

#7 GTA V Online - TOP10 Streaming Games with 56 Mio. streamed hours (Oct 2020)

I have a lot of fun in GTA Online. But mainly with my friends and my crew, because the public lobbies are sometimes a horror for players who want to race or make money. In small, quiet circles the communication works much better, which also has a noticeable effect on the gaming fun. Sure, some variants look half-baked, but Rockstar has the possibility to throw them out in the medium term by using the rating function. In general, a lot will happen in GTA Online in the future - editors or heists will be delivered later. That's why the evaluation is only preliminary and based on the current status. In the future we will make regular control visits and possibly adjust the rating again. Currently, the multiplayer trip to Los Santos is definitely worth it!

#6 Counter Strike: Global Offensive - TOP10 Streaming Games with 58 Mio. streamed hours (Oct 2020)

Counter-Strike is a relic from simpler shooting times, the Serious Sam the multiplayer shooter, an anachronism - but still a very entertaining one. Here there are no perks, no ranking, no bonuses, no killstreaks, no vehicles - just perfectly balanced levels, effective weapons and the endless desire for skill, skill, skill. Skill above all. If you have a problem with tens of thousands of deaths in the beginning, you are better off with the usual suspicious AAA shooters. Counter-Strike is still a highly frustrating affair, but the sense of achievement is all the greater when you have a good run. The question is: Do I need Global Offensive if I already have the original or CS: Source? No, if you are only interested in the usual CS fun. Yes, if you value the intelligent design changes in the classic levels and the entertaining special modes. However, I find clear words of warning for potential owners of the console version: I basically have no problem with the worse scenery - but I do with the significantly lower number of players.

#5 FIFA21 - TOP10 Streaming Games with 61 Mio. streamed hours (Oct 2020)

I enjoy the latest FIFA more, which is reflected in a slightly higher rating - I like the professional presentation or how the stars interact with each other, the commentators, the nice tricks and of course the license package with all teams, logos and squads. I also like the few noticeable changes in the game flow, including the "creative running paths" and the improved pass system. Although the career mode is not a creative marvel, it is more motivating and less sober than in other sports simulations. With Volta, however, EA has to follow up next season - in the current FIFA I had quite a few fun matches, but another year would be bad for this undecided mix of classic soccer and trickery. Ultimate Team is, well, an important source of income for EA and from an economic point of view a stroke of luck. Only a fool would listen to critics, annoyed parents and gambling addiction counselors and let this thriving microtransaction system run wild...

#4 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - TOP10 Streaming Games with 61 Mio. streamed hours (Oct 2020)

It is gratifying that there is again such an intensive campaign. Supported by a significantly improved graphic backdrop, the developers are staging some of the best missions to date, but a weaker second half of the game and the short game time prevent the jump into very high scoring regions. In the once again enormously extensive multiplayer package, the no-frills, but as always motivating multiplayer mode with its great maps as well as the thrilling 2-on-2 variant stand out. The exhausting, unfair co-op missions, on the other hand, do not reach the quality of some zombie episodes or the co-op missions of Modern Warfare 3, but the bottom line is that you get a really good shooter.

#3 Fortnite - TOP10 Streaming Games with 85 Mio. streamed hours (Oct 2020)

Evil tongues like to call Fortnite a brazen copy of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. But that doesn't do Epics Shooter justice. Sure, the basic Battle Royale concept has been adopted by Fortnite. But apart from that, it adds its own personal touch at every point. The colorful cartoon look, the faster gameplay, the arcadic weapon behavior, the wonderfully silly style and of course the building aspect. To be honest: Personally I can't do much with it. In a multiplayer shooter, I want to go for the weapon first, not the construction plan. Nevertheless it is an absolute enrichment for Fortnite and harmonizes perfectly with the other mechanics. I also find the speed of play in Fortnite much more pleasant than in PUBG, because I almost never have idle phases - there's almost always something to do, it's hardly worthwhile to take a few steps. Overall, Fortnite feels rounder and more complete than its competitors.

#2 Among Us - TOP10 Streaming Games with 109 Mio. streamed hours (Oct 2020)

Actually Among Us should not be a success. The game looks like Alien-crap, is already two years old and demands enormously much from its players. Because "mouth lazy" is not on the program: Who has no buck in on-line Multiplayer to quasseln in the Chat, the play cannot play the play. And yet Among Us goes completely through the roof. Steam has a record of almost 400,000 active players at the same time. That's more than twice the number of the immensely successful Fall Guys. Even heavyweights like GTA 5 and Monster Hunter World have never reached such numbers. What is the reason for this? Well, Twitch, no question. In August 2020 Among Us explodes on the streaming portal, the community is infected by the enthusiasm of the streamers. And with a price of 4 euros, there's not much you can do wrong. But there is more behind it than the well-known "Twitch can make games big" story.

#1 League of Legends - TOP10 Streaming Games with 171 Mio. streamed hours (Oct 2020)

Riot Games celebrates with you the 10th anniversary of perhaps the most successful eSport game of all times. League of Legends was released on October 27, 2009. Since then, dozens of champions have been released, millions of players have been thrilled, and all attendance records have been broken. At peak times, up to eight million players can be seen simultaneously on the client, which would make League of Legends the largest PC game in the world. That makes it even bigger than "the ten most popular games on Steam combined".

Every month, over 100 million different players play MOBA. It was only at the last League of Legends World Cup that the game broke viewer records again: 205 million viewers are said to have watched the game simultaneously at a certain point in time. This is more than in the final of the last Football World Cup and twice as many as in the Super Bowl.

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