Genshin Impact Loot Box System Review

genshin-impact review loot boxes

Genshin Impact is an open-world role-playing game, in which you as one of umpteen possible characters explore a huge fantasy world. Who gets promptly allergy rashes with Anime clichés, may be deterred by the optics, but the first voices are itself united: The thing is also in the far genre comparison a rather fun affair.

The Open World offers an impressive freedom. Like in Breath of the Wild, you can go anywhere, climb any mountain, explore any hut. Wind and weather are simulated interactively. You can freeze lakes, let the wind carry you through the air, set things on fire. And this also extends to the racy fights: Attacking mobs will promptly burn their wooden shields, while fire enemies will faint completely in the rain.

And then, unlike in Breath of the Wild, there are countless different characters with whom you can explore the dungeons and areas of the Open World. In the gameplay core there is more classic role-playing than in Zelda: You level every single character and thus improve your chances in battle. And of course there’s a story, but we can’t tell you anything about that yet.

Genshin Impact uses the so-called Gacha system as a Free2Play title. Without going into too much detail now: In principle it works like lootboxes. With premium currency, which you either earn with effort or buy for real money, you pay for the chance to get good weapons and/or characters.

The drop rates for the best 5-star characters and weapons are pretty steep. Happy in the sense of “low”. Each grab in the magic bag costs 160 so-called primogens, the equivalent of about 3 Euros. You then have a 0.6 percent chance of getting the 5-star item out. After 90 bad luck attempts, you’re guaranteed a 5-star item.

Genshin Impact Pay2Win Review

Although you can also play the wonder bags for free, it’s obvious that Genshin Impact wants to put its drop rates into your wallet. Sure, the developers want to make a living. So the exciting question is not whether the game contains cost traps, but rather how relevant the Gacha system is for the rest of the game. Or in other words: Do I need 5-star items to successfully explore the cool story and Open World?

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