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Here we show you Indie studios as well as small Indie developers, who develop innovative and creative Indie games and who have to compete against the competition on the games market. Also hardware projects, which are looking for their place in the video game market, should get attention. We also inform you about developments in the indie scene and report about interesting ideas and new concepts.

From the small hobby project to the very large production. Indie games are no longer just works that individual developers work on in their back rooms. Due to the steadily growing games industry, even the smallest developer studios are becoming increasingly professional. Indie games and large-scale productions in the video game sector are converging more and more. In short: Indie Games are increasingly moving away from their historical significance: being independent.

The word “indie” stands for “independent”. In the gaming industry, for a long time this meant the independence of a development studio from a publisher. These are usually responsible for the financing and distribution of a video game. Publishers are often accused of exerting influence on the studios’ projects so that their games are as close as possible to the market and profitable, but lose out on creativity.

Many years ago, therefore, indie games – i.e. games that are distributed by developers without the help of publishers – increasingly established themselves. Developers of indie games usually have only a small budget. To get noticed, they break with common conventions. This sets them apart from large AAA productions in terms of style and content, and they are considered extremely innovative.

But Indie has long since ceased to stand for the simple distinction between self-publishing and publisher distribution. Due to the increasing professionalization in the games industry, publishers have been founded that specialize in working with indie studios. As a result, many more studios are finding a publishing partner today than was the case in the past. Even market-leading companies such as Electronic Arts or Nintendo have created their own units or brands for indie games.

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