Runeterra (LoR) Beginner’s Guide (Tips & Tricks)

LoR Twisted Fate Card

How to play Runeterra is especially for beginners not so easy. Here you get a full guide for starting legends of runeterra. As short summary here are some key things you should know:

  • Pay attention to a balanced mana curve of your deck.
  • Make sure you have strong attackers as well as resistant defense units.
  • Use the Spell Bar to save mana to cast powerful spells.
  • Respond to your opponent’s moves with spells to give you an advantage in battle.
  • Champions are the key to victory.

If you wann get a feeling of the game see this gameplay video from my channel:

10 Beginner Tips and Tricks for Legends of Runeterra (LoR)

"Make the most of your turn"

How does a move work? Legends of Runeterra already tells you the basic procedure of a game move in the tutorial. It is dynamic. Most of your actions are followed by a reaction of your opponent.

So if you play a card, your opponent can react directly to it:

  • He can play an instant spell.
  • You can’t react to this, it is executed immediately.
  • He can play a fast spell that can only be countered by another fast card,
  • Or he plays a slow card, to which you can react with all three options.

Alternately, one player is the attacker and one is the defender. The attacker can actively send his creatures into battle, while the defender uses his to block the attack.If the attack is not blocked or prevented by spells, the creatures cause direct damage to the nexus. If it falls to 0 health, you win the game.

Try to find direct answers: In Legends of Runeterra it is important that you can react well to your opponent’s answers. For example, if your opponent wants to use a spell to destroy one of your creatures, you can use other cards to fend off the spell or to get ahead of it.

The so-called stacking rule applies here. This means that the spells are triggered in reverse order. The last spell you cast will be the first to be activated. How do you counter opponents? For example, you can use the card “Behold the Beyond” to kill an allied creature for 2 mana, and draw 2 cards in return.

If your opponent has previously used the “Revenge” spell to kill your creature, it will go nowhere because your spell triggers first. Your opponent has spent 7 mana, which is more than you spent, and you benefit by drawing the cards. A clear point win for you.

It’s also important to note that while you can use spells to counter the play of creatures, their special effects, such as enemy freeze or damage, are still performed.


"Get to know the cards"

Why is knowing the cards important? With the release of the game 120 new cards were introduced. In total, Legends of Runeterra offers you more than 500 different cards, which you should know at least roughly.

For a successful game you should know if your opponent is playing aggressively or defensively. This is usually crucial for victory, because you can react differently to the game moves.

  • Against aggressive players you should use your spells for destroying creatures early, otherwise they will destroy your Nexus.
  • Against defensive players, where the strong cards are not played until the end of the match, you should rather hold back such spells.

What is the best way to get to know cards? A good tip is to simply play a lot and get to know the cards. Legends of Runeterra offers several ways to do this:

  • There is an intensive tutorial followed by challenges that tell you the basics of the game and cool combos.
  • You can play extensively against the AI before venturing out to other players.

But you can also play matches in unranked, because you learn the most about the decks from other players.


"Control the board"

In Legends of Runeterra you should never be without creatures on the field. The attacker can attack you right at the beginning of his turn and damage the nexus. You can only react with fast spells.

However, your creatures on the field are also important away from attack and defense. For example, if you want to strengthen them with other cards, draw new cards over them or use them to activate a combo.

So creatures are important and so it might even make sense not to block enemy attacks if your Nexus has enough Health. You can also use this resource, but it must not drop to 0.


"Get to know the winning conditions of each deck"

In card games there are usually 3 types of game play that also apply to Legends of Runeterra:

  • Aggro = Aggressive play where you want to quickly deal damage to the nexus.
  • Control = Defensive play with many counters, where you try to delay a game as long as possible and then win with strong cards.
  • Midrange = A style of play that can be played aggressively or defensively, depending on your opponent.

Each of these playing styles has a different goal and a different way to win the game. In addition, each deck is different in particular again when it comes to winning a match.

For example, some control decks rely on Commander Ledros, a card that halves the health of the opponent’s Nexus, always rounded up in your favor. Through the last breath, the card always returns to your hand after death. The card can therefore decide a match virtually on its own.

So it’s important to know how you win games with your deck, but also how your opponents do. This increases your chances of winning.

runeterra meta winning condition

"Make use of the reward system"

Reward Paths in Legends of Runeterra allow you to earn new cards for free. Simply select a region from which you wish to collect the cards, and then play away to advance the reward path.

However, there are two strategies, each with a different goal:

  • Stay with one path for as long as possible because you’ll end up with great rewards, like cards for the region’s champions.
  • You can switch reward paths as early as possible to get as many maps as possible.This is because a path levels up much faster at the beginning than at the end.

So your handling of the game depends on whether you want to stay loyal to a region in the long run and release as many cards as possible, or whether you want to experiment with as many cards and decks as possible.

Runeterra infographic-caps-and-chests

"Learn from pros"

There are several websites about Legends of Runeterra that give you tips about the current meta and strong decks. You can use these as a guide if you want to be successful quickly.

As in many other competitive games, there are also streamers and tournaments where you can watch moves and decks and rebuild them. Mostly the streamers and shoutcasters reveal many of their tricks.

Whether you follow the decks of professionals or experiment yourself is up to you and depends mainly on what you want to achieve in the card game.


"Do your daily quests"

Daily quests give you extra experience points that are useful for progressing the reward paths. That’s why you should make sure that you complete your daily quests.

If there is a mission that you don’t like because of the task you have to complete, you can have it re-rolled once a day for free.

Legends of Runeterra daily quests

"Do not fear ranked games"

Playing in ranked mode can be daunting at first glance, because nobody wants to have a low rank in the game permanently. But there are also advantages to trusting yourself in this mode:

You learn to play against “real” opponents and find out how good you are in LoR.
At the end of a season, you will receive rewards based on your rank.
Legends of Runeterra offers a ranking with a “safety net”. Once you have reached a new ranking such as Bronze, Silver or Platinum, you cannot fall back to a lower ranking.

Runeterra ranked games

"Learn form your mistakes"

Legends of Runeterra is a card game you can get into quickly. Nevertheless, it offers a strategic depth that unfolds over time. At the same time, fun and the crafting of new decks are in the foreground.

It can also happen that you lose a round again and again. But don’t be discouraged by defeats.

Try to learn from your mistakes in the game and improve yourself constantly. Then you will be successful in the future.

runeterra deck strategy

"Start not to early expedition mode"

What are expeditions? In the Expeditions you build a deck from randomly selected cards and expand it during the expedition – comparable to “Draft” from Magic or the “Arena” from Hearthstone.

Expeditions are fun, because you break it out of your usual decks and the meta and at the same time your opponent had to build a deck with the random means. In addition, good rewards can be earned with it.

Why should you do without it in the beginning? The access to the expeditions costs entrance fee. You pay for one round:

  • 300 coins
  • 3000 splinters
  • or an expedition brand

A round ends when you have either lost twice in a row or won 7 times in total. You will receive a champion card without winning, but the best reward is 7 wins. And you can only achieve this number to a limited extent at the start.

So before you start your expeditions, you should first familiarize yourself with the cards and possible decks. You can also find some basic tips in the MeinMMO Expedition Guide.

But as soon as you are confident that you will achieve a few victories there, the expeditions will be very worthwhile. However, you will only receive rewards in the first 3 rounds per week.

expedition draft LoR
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A full review of Legends of Runeterra:

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