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Best Point and Click Games
Point and Click Adventures once took the gaming world by storm. Based on point and click, many games have been created over the years, including real classics that are still popular today. Beside newly released oldies, games in this genre still appear today.

Best Point and Click Games | TOP10 Point&Click PC Games

The genre of point-and-click adventures has almost fallen into oblivion in recent years. Legendary adventures such as Monkey Island hardly make it to the top of the sales charts, let alone in everyone’s mouth. To change this, I have collected the best 10 point-and-click games of 2020 for you. Included are new titles as well as remastered versions of cult classics whose stories are still a lot of fun and guaranteed to make you feel nostalgic.

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The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav​

The prequel to The Black Eye: Satinav's Necklaces is a clever narrative trick, because we find the pitiful Geron likeable just because nobody else can stand him. As a superstitious bunch, the inhabitants of Andergast still remember the old prophecy and meet our unlucky man in Spe with contempt and sheer hate.
We don't want to spoil the twists and turns of the exciting and for a Daedalic adventure unusually dark story at this point, but we would like to mention that Geron gets a companion in the shape of the fairy Nuri quite early in the 12-hour game.
This fairy is also cleverly thought out in principle: While Geron can smash things thanks to an innate magic ability, Nuri has the gift of healing smashed things. This interaction is used in many puzzles and wonderfully underlines the developing relationship between the two.

On the other hand, we find a nice, even if playfully insignificant touch in the fact that we can choose from different answer options in various conversations. This reminds us in a very rudimentary way of Mass Effect through a kind of dialogue wheel and gives "our" Geron a certain individuality, although in the end it's rather banana whether we give an answer modestly or wether we give a wet answer.

Tales from the Borderlands​

The (video game) story teaches us that even as a janitor in a science fiction environment you can have lots of cool adventures - Roger Wilco sends his regards! But Rhys does not want to accept this fate as a space cleaner. Instead, he and his nerd buddy Vaughn and props specialist Yvette are forging a plan to get back at the hated Vasquez by bagging a lucrative deal himself around a legendary Vault key that he got wind of during his demotion - partly because Rhys not only overheard a phone conversation, but also used his echo eye to hack into the new boss's computer.
Telltale's Tales from the Borderlands has definitely achieved one goal: The offshoot has awakened my curiosity about the interesting world with its quirky characters, so I'll certainly be returning to Pandora in the next weeks and months in the collectible shooter - if only to bridge the wait for the next episode, which hopefully won't be too long in coming. Especially the quick-witted dialogues between the interesting characters and the dry humor were really good, as well as the successful staging and the suitably set tempo changes. I like to overlook the fact that the emotional depth of a Walking Dead is not reached. For the future I would still like to see larger areas and a slightly higher standard of puzzle food. I also hope that in future episodes there will be even stronger consequences of the choices I make, although I have great confidence in Telltale in this respect.


Machinarium shows what is possible for a comparatively unknown studio if you remain true to your creative line and create your own worlds: As small and insignificant as the robot is at the beginning, it turns out to be the savior of the city. In the same way, the game, which begins unspectacularly outside the city, develops into a full-blown adventure game that even makes genre fans sweat. Everything is lovingly done: the actors, the environment and the background. Thus, despite modest means, the city seems more alive than many a large production - especially because you discover a soul here. One encounters robots that are melancholic and scarred by life and sometimes even up to evil.
Everybody wants something from Josef, who grows more and more dear to your heart room by room. He is not a weapons robot, but reaches his goal by peaceful means. Unfortunately, this is not always immediately obvious to the player, because a hot spot display is missing and without voice output you are dependent on speech bubbles with characters. Nevertheless, one moves forward intuitively and without frustration: There is a little tragedy, astonishingly much to smile about and a lot to marvel at. The bizarre-looking world of machines is not only artistically designed, it is also perfectly accompanied by music and invites you to explore. Those who have already played Samorost will know roughly what to expect. Nevertheless, this premiere offers more, because despite the splashing story, the audience wants to dive deep into the world.

The Wolf Among Us​

The parallel world presented in the atmospheric comic art design is interesting and credible, dialogues as well as facial expressions of the characters are very well done, also thanks to the excellent narrators, and the decisions made under time pressure not only have a great influence on the progress of the exciting story, but also increase the replay value at the same time. Nevertheless, the end of the season is reached much too quickly, as the playing time of the individual episodes varies only between 60 and 80 minutes. A circumstance, which is probably also due to the hardly existing exploration stimuli in the small areas and the lack of ambition in the puzzles. All in all, the investigation with Bigby Wolf is not as dramaturgically strong as in The Walking Dead, but The Wolf Among Us still grabbed me and entertained me well until the successful finale.

Grim Fandango

The freshly polished new edition of an adventure game with rigid backdrops should be technically perfect! However, the rare eye frown did not stop me from enjoying one of the best puzzle adventures to the fullest. Tim Schafer renovates his story, which is as exciting as it is humorous, for current systems, simplifies the controls and underlines the cinematic references of his colorful Film Noir with contemporary lighting. The fact that Grim Fandango Remastered does not support true widescreen does not bother me in the least. Especially in terms of content, the adventure continues to set standards: well-written dialogues lead through plausible head-nuts, and because Point&Click has been so persistent, the active search in the inventory as well as searching a room without any indicative symbols still seems modern today. It is not the most elaborate new edition - but one that does justice to this classic in almost every form!

The Walking Dead: Episode 1​

They have captured the spirit of the saga in a very atmospheric way. Although the puzzles are quite simple so far, the areas are a bit small and there are technical flaws. But as in the comic, people are thrown into tens of emotional, familial and group dynamic conflicts, which can be influenced by the player. Classical point&click virtues like searching a scenery and collecting objects are mixed with more modern elements like reaction tests and fighting in real time - that reminds of Heavy Rain. Although this is not an action game and the battles seem a bit too simple, the tension in dialogues and battles is always tangible. I like not only the mercilessness of the staging, but also the open dialogues under time pressure and the tangible consequences. Sean Vanaman tells a completely new story from the perspective of Black Lee Everett with partly known characters. Although the paths could have bifurcated more often in this first episode and more puzzles could have appeared, it is worth playing again after the three hours, because depending on your behavior you sometimes experience completely different scenes.

Day of the Tentacle​

Call it pink-red glasses, call it old adventure-romanticism, think I'm as crazy as the Edisons: I love Day of the Tentacle and still think it is one of the best adventure games ever released! Even back then I was passionate about the unofficial successor of Maniac Mansion - even though LucasArts caused me severe mental anguish by refusing an Amiga implementation at that time. But I was so hot for it that I actually had the game package from DOTT on my shelf before I even owned a PC, which followed two weeks later. So I'm all the happier now that Double Fine did an excellent job on the remaster and not only modernized the classic in exactly the right places but even upgraded it with extras like developer comments and alternative controls. So the masterpiece from back then has lost none of its incomparable charm and with its grandiose puzzles, quirky characters and wonderful dialogues it still gives even modern adventurers a lesson.

Life is Strange​

Life is Strange was on my screen early on, because I already liked Remember Me. However, I never expected what this game finally triggered in me during the last nine months. Already after the first episode I was totally thrilled. About the great atmosphere that the main menu alone radiates, about the great characters, about the greater freedom of movement compared to Telltale games, about the story itself. The following episodes then became a pure rollercoaster of emotions. When I couldn't prevent a certain tragic event at the end of the second episode, I was devastated. These hits in the pit of my stomach did not stop. For me the episode format was also one of the strengths of Life is Strange. The pauses between chapters, in which you exchange ideas with like-minded people in forums, on YouTube and elsewhere and play through the most diverse theories - all this was part of the fantastic overall experience of Life is Strange for me. The characters have grown dear to my heart. Especially the two main characters Max and Chloe. Accordingly I suffered with them. The end of this journey is a bitter one, but not a bad one. It is even very good. It is a plea for more courage for the tragic end. As bitter as it is for individual players, for Life is Strange as a total work of art it is simply perfect.

Disco Elysium

Wow, it's been a long time since I've been so surprised by a work, in any field, as Disco Elysium. I don't even know where to start. The complex and gloomy city of Revachol, the sad and strange fates that meet there, and the exciting plot make for a top class spectacle. The style reminiscent of oil painting impressed me and manages to wrap the game world in an iconic and believable veil. Above all, there are the fantastic dialogues, which easily kept me glued to the screen for hours. When the different characteristics talk to our protagonist, it often ends in brilliant storytelling. The only drawback is that after this kind of impact, I can't possibly deal with genre neighbors like The Outer Worlds.

Monkey Island 2

Like back in the day, Monkey Island 2 still entices with its combination of witty point-and-click puzzles and the hilarious characters, comments and ideas that have been packed into the game. The pirate fun is accompanied by matching music tracks that were recorded especially for the new edition. The classic sound from the 1991 version is also included, but does not sound as good as in the original (a bit flat). But the new voice output of the Pirate Swans is top and always hits the right note for the buccaneer points. The many strengths of Monkey Island 2: SE easily outweigh the few weaknesses. Both fans of the first hour, bath tub pirates who played the first new edition of The Secret of Monkey Island, as well as inexperienced landlubbers will probably get an approving "Arrr! An excellent proof that the really good classic adventure games never get old.

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