Best RPGs | TOP10 RPG (Role Playing) Games for PC

Best RPGs | TOP10 RPG (Role Playing) Games for PC
Players have been giving their hearts to the Ultimas, Skyrims, Witchers and World of Warcrafts of this world for decades, churning hundreds of hours into their favorite RPG. I share this passion, and in order to celebrate it as comprehensively as possible, I approach this endeavor here with a very broad definition of roleplaying: Baldur's Gate, Ultima Online, and Final Fantasy 7 count as roleplaying games for us just as much as Deus Ex, Dark Souls, and Gothic.

Good role-playing games do not come onto the market as frequently as multiplayer ballrooms, but the community is all the more pleased when an RPG really hits the mark. In 2018, for example, this was the case with Kingdom Come: Deliverance or Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.

In 2019, perennial favourites such as The Elder Scrolls Online, Path of Exile and Grim Dawn triumphed, as did insider tips such as Operencia, Code Vein and Disco Elysium. And The Outer Worlds of course.

TOP10 Roleplaying Games (RPG) #10 Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

With Dragon Quest 11, series inventor Yuji Horii and his team have remained largely true to the traditions of the now over 30-year-old role-playing saga. From the classic round-the-clock battles with no adjustable level of difficulty to the dusty storage and inventory system to the almost ancient soundscape including the silent protagonist. Veterans will be happy, newcomers might be put off. But if you embark on a journey through time, you will experience an old-school role-playing adventure that is as charming as it is magnificently staged, as it is rarely found today. But not only the inner values ​​such as the individual character development, the interactive crafting system or the varied side tasks ensure enthusiasm, the neat cartoon graphics with their loving animations are also impressive. And if you look closely, you will always discover enchanting details and facets. Love and passion have really been invested here - and you can feel it!

TOP10 Roleplaying Games (RPG) #9 Torment: Tides of Numenera

Torment: Tides of Numenera takes you into the bizarre science-fantasy world of Monte Cook's pen and paper template, which paints a picture of the earth as it could look a billion years in the future. In the shards of bygone and forgotten civilizations, one embarks on a search for answers to one's own existence, past and destiny as a human shell cast out by a god-like being and persecuted by a creature called sorrow. The way to the goal is predetermined, but offers a lot of freedom and interesting interconnections.

You determine the pace of the journey, who accompanies you, what you are busy with and how you are perceived by others. You look for clues, make decisions and deal with conflicts - whether by force, cunning or diplomatic skill, you usually decide for yourself. The characters you meet are bizarre but believable, the situations exciting, the places fascinating. The game world could have been a bit bigger, the acoustic staging could have been more extensive. In the end, however, these are only blemishes of a wonderfully bizarre adventure, which, like Planescape Torment in its time, provides a welcome, if not so strong contrast to the usual role-playing games.

TOP10 Roleplaying Games (RPG) #8 Wasteland 3

It's a shame that the many shortcomings of this Wasteland 3 overshadow it - it had golden hit potential. Because it is shriller, more explosive and narrative more diverse than its predecessor. The humor doesn't always spark, but this end-of-the-time role-playing game is full of bizarre characters, delicious situation comedy and wonderful allusions to current America. The tactical battles play faster despite questionable lines of sight and resolutions, the quests offer many decisions and you can feel the consequences based on your reputation with the factions. All of this could have entertained very well despite the only solid backdrop and some game-mechanical flaws, if it weren't for the annoying loading times, camera and frame rate problems, the many annoying bugs on all systems. inXile did not develop this game properly on the PC either, especially as far as the co-op mode is concerned, but ported it sloppily for consoles. As a lover of Wasteland, this role-playing game convinced me in many ways, which is why the rating was very difficult for me! But it doesn't help if you negligently forego quality assurance that the final condition, is ultimately so poor. On PC the issues are not as bad as on consoles.

TOP10 Roleplaying Games (RPG) #7 Enderal: Forgotten Stories

New world, new skill system, own classes and a multitude of varied quests - the Total Conversion Enderal: Forgotten Stories has in addition to the combat and dialogue system only the technical substructure with Bethesda's open-world success Skyrim in common. However, the ambitious fan project has been around for a few years. We tested the game version Enderal in detail back in 2016 - and even then we were of the opinion that Enderal can keep up with the "real" role-playing games of recent years.

Even if you've never played Skyrim and you're not interested in the Elder Scrolls world, it's worth spending a few euros on the Skyrim base game (unfortunately, Enderal doesn't work with the Special Edition). Because only with this you can immerse yourself in the world of Enderal, which pulls you into the maelstrom of the rousing background story with the really disturbing prelude.

TOP10 Roleplaying Games (RPG) #6 Fallout 4

Fallout 4 makes me sink and sink until tiredness forces me to bed. The pull of this end time is almost eerie. And this, although there are clear deficits: From the weak AI to annoying bugs to the stiff facial expressions and control pieces. But this role-playing game pulls me mercilessly into its apocalyptic world because I am constantly getting to know new quests, interesting characters and places. Bethesda stages an almost idyllic monumentality of destruction, incorporating a lot of history and folklore from New England and hiding a dungeon behind every block in Boston, so that you have to do something for weeks.

You can follow the story, join four factions or just let yourself be drifted: On the way from one settlement to another, you make a detour because this huge ruined building lures you from afar, only to suddenly encounter a bizarre trader before you go through a radio message is lured to a satellite station. As soon as you loot a safe somewhere, you find a message about a lousy deal and after a walk to the coast you might find yourself knee-deep in basement corpses. Or you end up casually in a comic book shop after a street fight. There is no game that combines these direct and indirect exploratory stimuli so masterfully. In addition, the companions from Codsworth to Piper to the great Nick Valentine comment on their own actions and come to life as characters with their own likes and dislikes. And although I am otherwise averse to all collecting, mod and construction stuff, Bethesda also makes me an engineer and tinkerer. Did I mention that the open character development is great? But much more important: Fallout 4 tells a lot of bizarre and tragic stories that are so memorable that you talk about them with your pals.

TOP10 Roleplaying Games (RPG) #5 Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a real scale monster. If you want, you can easily wander through the predatory lands for weeks or months and always discover something new. Despite the successful pen & paper flair, the staging may be bumpy, game management and game balance, but the dual role as a freshly baked baron and adventurer is appealing: from the exciting exploration of the fantasy world to the tactical confrontations with its residents to the motivating structure of your own manor house. Here and there difficult decisions have to be made, individual skills and attitudes have to be taken into account and classic book episodes have to be contested. Characters and level of difficulty can be individualized in a multifaceted way, weapons and formations can be changed quickly, real-time battles slowed down or paused at any time. It's just a shame that thefts are only punished in very special cases, the good German localization still has some gaps and the excessive loading times can almost drive you crazy. But even if the class of Pillars of Eternity or Divinity: Original Sin 2 is not achieved, I am always happy to return to my emerging barony.

TOP10 Roleplaying Games (RPG) #4 Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

As if Baldur's Gate 2 would meet Sid Meier's Pirates! Here it crackles so comfortably in front of the screen after adventure that one suspects a campfire next to the couch. Pillars of Eterinity 2 is one of the best and most atmospheric isometric role-playing games that you can experience on the console. Don't let the news of bad sales fool you: Obsidian Entertainment takes you into an open island world full of decisions and consequences. For many, many hours you will sail with your companions through this archipelago, explore dungeons and uncover secrets, while time flies by and your moral compass swirls: Which factions should one support? Which companion trust?

TOP10 Roleplaying Games (RPG) #3 Disco Elysium

This dialogue role-playing game is by no means perfect - but something very special! Because the developer has created a complex, fascinating world that thrives on interesting stories. You can move around freely in it, do tasks in different ways, and talk to well-written characters in very different ways. There is a common thread, there are goals - and yet Revachol is above all a setting where you can develop freely in a playful way. A comprehensive character development and skills that not only serve to solve tasks, but also influence the perception of the environment and the character traits of the protagonist also contribute to this. Anyone who is not averse to reading and who does not mind that the game mechanics are sometimes more recognizable than the illusion of a living virtual world should definitely not miss Disco Elysium!

TOP10 Roleplaying Games (RPG) #2 The Witcher 3

CD Project RED is the culmination of an epic saga. In the open world, this role-play achieves a tremendous atmospheric density, because it not only stages the spectacular and combative, but also hits the soft tones and rewards attentive exploration. It impresses with its extremely high quest quality and narrative class including direct and later effective consequences that surprise or horrify you again and again. Yes, there are counterpoints: The fact that there is no reaction to theft in people's homes is even more annoying to me than the stupid statics of human enemies under fire. The menu design is bland, the font too small, the dialogues not particularly nested, the inventory quickly overflows and there are small technical flaws. But there is the excellent German voice acting, the great script, which doesn't run out of air towards the end like in The Witcher 2.

The developer is not only very successful in showing a medieval fantasy world that is characterized by military and social conflicts and is full of moral contradictions. In addition, there is this almost astonishing devotion to the staging of village milieus and the large city of Novigrad. It's just fun to walk slowly through this world. When you've had enough of it, you plunge into the next dramatic quest, in which you decide the fate of tragic characters, or you hunt mythical monsters in a dream setting. And not over ten, but a hundred hours.

TOP10 Roleplaying Games (RPG) #1 Divinity: Original Sin II

This Definitive Edition was already tough on the PC, because Larian Studios have eliminated a lot of deficits and not only eliminated bugs, but also improved the balance and storytelling including new dialogues and characters in the last third: Look forward to comfortable exploration, fighting, navigation and, above all, reading. A story with religious conflicts, interesting characters, delicious dialogues and sometimes more serious tones meet a tactical combat system, great puzzles and exploratory stimuli as well as a variety of magical effects and physical chain reactions. Even if guards don't always react to the dead and there is still too much loot, recipes, etc., you will be entertaining over 80 hours.

I can't remember the last time a game captivated me so much from the first moment! If 60 hours later I still feel like it and really want to keep playing, something is definitely going right in the game, isn't it? I like to moan for my life, but apart from small, insignificant (and mostly fixed) cosmetic bugs and a not quite perfect user interface, there is simply nothing here that harms the fun of the game.

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