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TOP10 Base Defend Games for PC in 2020 

What are the best base defense games in 2020? These games are very close to tower defense games. But in contrast to pure tower defense games you will build and manage a base which you then have to defend. These games are strategy and building games with an tower defense element. The goal is not to rush down the enemy or to raise a huge army. The best base defense games for PC require base building and resource management. 

Furthermore some titles a fresh up everything with simulation elements. If you really like to build and defend your base these top 10 base defence games will certainly for you. Now it sounds like a survival game, but in this top10 compilation of pc games you build, place traps, weapons, walls, etc, and make progress for defeating enemies that try and attack your base and you try and buy more stuff to defend your base. Sometimes once you start off and place stuff down you hit play and watch the round and try and place something in certain plots of land to defend against the enemy. In other games you manage everything in real time. 

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FORTS - Best Defend Game #10

Forts is a physics-based, action-packed real-time strategy game in which players build their own base, equip it to the teeth and then destroy the fortifications of their opponents. It is a 2D real-time strategy video game developed and published by Australian studio EarthWork Games. It was released on April 19, 2017. Forts is a simple, fun game, has a nice sense of humour and is guaranteed to get your brain whirling as you figure out the best way to build your base, defend your weapons while also pelting the enemy with bullets and bombs.

KING ARTHUR'S GOLD - Best Defend Game #9

If you are in the mood for an entertaining medieval slaughter, don't be put off by the bulky entrance. After a few rounds of getting used to it, one understands better and better which possibilities are in the online battles of King Arthur's Gold. The interplay of fighting and fortress construction, as well as the precise controls, ensure entertaining battles. Visually or in the single player part, the game cannot compete with the stylishly designed BattleblockTheatre.
Similar to shooters, two teams with up to 64 players face each other: In "Take the Halls", for example, wood and stones are first mined and a few resistant defensive structures are built from various blocks, and shortly after that the action moves into the turmoil. Depending on the choice, I thresh my opponents with my sword, draw a bow or continue to tinker with the fortress - including ladders. The well thought-out control system enables much more precise aiming with arrow and blade than with most competitors.
I elegantly jump back and forth between a few ladders, swing up the wall with a rope reminiscent of Worms and deal the death blow with an arrow to a distant enemy. The precise shield alignment and the short wall sprint also support the fast fights. Nevertheless, especially in a side-scrolling 2D game, I find it a pity that controllers are not supported. Translated with (free version)

ORCS MUST DIE - Best Defend Game #8

The objective of the game is very simple. In each level we have to prevent the orcs, which are attacking in waves, from reaching the rift portals. To whom this should look familiar: Basically Orcs must die! is another contribution to the many tower defense titles like Plants vs. Zombies, Defense Grid or Anomaly: Warzone Earth.

This time, however, the trick is -- similar to the somewhat unfortunate Sanctum -- a strong action component. So we don't just lay out traps of all kinds or place archers and paladins in the level, but control the hero directly from the shoulder perspective. With him we can cast spells, shoot with the crossbow or engage in close combat.

The campaign, which is well on its way up, comprises 24 levels that take between six and eight hours to complete. Whoever completes these levels will still be able to unlock the nightmare difficulty level. From the start, there will be crisper opponents and we will have to do without breathers between the waves -- as we did before. But that's what it was already with extras or alternative modes, here competitors like Plants vs. Zombies or Defense Grid still have a clear lead.

DIG OR DIE - Best Defend Game #7

Reminiscent of titles like Terraria, this is a 2D sandbox game that focuses on resource gathering and crafting. Stranded on an alien planet, you have to survive attacks by creatures. The goal of the game is to survive long enough and collect resources to build a spaceship for escape. During the night the number of attackers increases, which are fought in tower defense style with turrets. Weather effects have an influence so that rain can flood whole areas and thus your own base.

KINGDOM TWO CROWNS - Best Defend Game #6

Life as a King (or Queen) in Kingdom Two Crowns is a single test. Night after night, nasty monsters stream from portals in the east and west to the center of the map where the monarch has set up camp. The beasts are after his crown: If one of the monsters manages to steal it, the game is lost.

To prevent this, the player builds walls at the outer borders of his base during the day, places watchtowers and hires archers. When the sun goes down, the ruler and his subjects retreat behind the palisades and try to fend off the attack with united forces.

The change of day and night sets the rhythm of the game. During the day, you can dare to explore the side-scrolling 2D map and hire new subjects, who regularly appear in small camps in the middle of the forest, with a gold coin. Or you can have your workers cut down trees to open up new building land.

RISE TO RUINS - Best Defend Game #5

Rise to Ruins is described as a mixture of real-time strategy, gods sim, resource management, roguelike and tower defense. Basically you build a village, which you have to expand and defend as long as possible. Playfully, a bridge is to be built between the complexity of traditional settlement simulations, the fun of gods games and the accessibility of real-time strategy games.

A regularly updated, brutal godlike village sim that melds the god game, management, and tower defense genres! Fight off hoards of monsters at night, and expand your village in the day time. Inspired by games like Black and White, Rimworld, and Dwarf Fortress but not quite like any of them. Rise to Ruins is at heart a godlike village simulator, but it also throws in plenty of familiar game play mechanics from classic real-time strategy and resource management games like Black and White, Settlers, ActRaiser and many others.

TERRARIA - Best Defend Game #4

Terraria is sometimes called a kind of minecraft in 2D. At first sight this seems to be quite accurate: You knock down trees, dig tunnels and make tools from wood, stones and other raw materials. You better build a safe shelter until nightfall, otherwise you will be eaten by dark creatures very quickly.

A few hours later you discover a dungeon and fight against an oversized boss. Then you plunder treasure chests, dust off some cool new weapons and find a mysterious item that summons the next world boss.

Afterwards you rescue lost NPCs, forge magical armor sets, ride bees and unicorns, fight against increasingly stronger, almost invincible bosses. And suddenly find out that you have played over a thousand hours and still haven't seen enough, let alone seen everything. This is Terraria.

RIMWORLD - Best Defend Game #3

The survival-drama-strategy-simulation genre mix is well on its way to becoming a part of game history alongside other games with big names and simple origins (such as Terraria and Minecraft), which, despite their simple visuals, offer a lot of depth and long-term motivation. The Dwarf Fortress model has already been officially honored with this honor: in 2013, it was presented at an exhibition on the history of video games at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Every update is automatically downloaded and saved on the museum's server. How the history of your emigrant colony in Rimworld turns out, however, is up to you. Well, not quite. Cassandra Classic, Phoebe Chillax, and Randy Random also have a say.

In order to understand the fascination of Rimworld, it is first necessary to take a detour via three other games that served as sources of ideas. Surely you know The Sims - a life simulation series, where there are certain goals to fulfill, but you cannot "win" them in the conventional sense. The path is the goal, the story develops in the process.
The AI Director from Left 4 Dead again served as the technical template for the storytellers: The artificial intelligence influences the opponent spawns, the level of difficulty and the background music based on several parameters (the health of the players, their accuracy and more). No two pass in the shooter should be the same as each other by the director.
The third title in the bunch of inspiration sources is called Dwarf Fortress - it is probably known to far fewer players than The Sims and Left 4 Dead. To be precise, the name of the indie-build-strategy-simulation-genremix is Slaves The game graphics of Dwarf Fortress consists of symbols. Learning to read them takes a while. You first have to learn to interpret them: Dwarf Fortress does not make it easy to get started, but rewards you with multi-layered, challenging gameplay.

FACTORIO - Best Defend Game #2

Behind the simple facade of Factorio is an excellent factory layout simulation, in which almost everything that is not nailed down can be automated. A motivating pulling effect of construction, expansion and optimization quickly unfolds as long as one gets involved in the complexity, the possibilities and the fit user interface. Later on, exemplary usable train networks, transport robots and circuits come into play, especially since much is supplemented by clever tricks. But somehow Wube Software hardly succeeds in awakening a fascination for the extraterrestrial game world. Although I currently prefer to play Satisfactory (Early Access), Factorio is a very good game and scores with its high complexity and well thought-out logistics networks. The construction simulation of Wube Software belongs with over 70.000 positive user reviews to the best rated games on Steam.

THEY ARE BILLIONS - Best Defend Game #1

Despite the campaign that was added with the last early access update, the survival mode in They Are Billions is still the most fun. The well thought-out and cleverly interlocked real-time strategy system of building, expanding, exploring, researching and defending against the immense hordes of infected people is extremely well done, very challenging and gets by largely without idle time - but first you have to dig in, because the tutorial text panels are of little use and the high level of difficulty does the rest. And when the hordes of enemies cling to the functioning multi-layered defense, the whole thing looks quite impressive and threatening despite the rather functional graphics. Nevertheless, the game could have used more units, more types of enemies and more decision making variety - as well as controllable heroes and a (cooperative) multiplayer mode, Funcom and Petroglyph had the right nose with Conan Unconquered. A disappointment, however, is the campaign, which is much too bloated, has almost no story to tell and is not very cleverly designed with hidden objects, timers, unnecessary targets and co.

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